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Five times the Razzies were WRONG

March 03, 2018 2 min read

There was a time in my life where I swore by the Razzies and Razzie nominations. While the Oscars promote some of the best movies of the year, the Razzies are the polar opposite. They talk about the worst movies of a previous year and revel in beating up a popular target. As I grew up though, I stopped caring about the Razzies and which movies got nominated. Oh sure, I would still look up the nominees and laugh at which movies were chosen, but the award ceremony just doesn't do it for me anymore. 

Making fun of a Razzie movie is usually not hard to do. More often than not, the movies that are nominated are pretty terrible and either were destroyed by critics, had a poor box office performance, or most importantly, are easy targets. The Razzies just felt too easy for me. Back when I was reviewing movies independently, I would usually see a bunch of the Razzie nominees throughout the year just by chance, so I already got my fill of bashing a bad movie. I had my fun, and I moved on. Since the Razzies mime the Oscars so much, they announce their nominees and have their awards ceremony the day before the Academy of Motion Picture's events. 

And look, I know that there's a whole discussion to have about the Oscars (we'll have that next week), but at least you can make a case about celebrating and championing the movies that have succeeded and are culturally relevant. There's a reason to celebrate the movies that get Oscar nominations. Usually they're pretty good movies. Usually (coughCrashcough). The Razzies just seem like they're beating a dead horse. These movies are bad, we know they're bad, so let's just make fun of them one more time. It's kind of a moot point. 

But there are those times where the Razzies are just plain wrong when they pick on a movie. The Razzies can lambaste a movie as much as they want, but sometimes the movies are actually pretty good despite all of the hate that they get. Why do these movies get all of the hate? I'm not too sure to be quite honest. Maybe the acting is weird, maybe the movie is dumb, maybe there's a weird concept or a stupid scene thrown in? Regardless, I'm here to defend the movies that the Razzies decided were either the worst movie of the year or was a nominee for the worst movie of the year. Someone needs to watch out for the little guy!

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