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FLCL sequel trailer is now here so you can ride that shooting star again

July 02, 2017 2 min read

If you ever watched a lot of Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim for much of the early to mid 2000s, you may have probably seen an episode or two of the outrageous anime FLCL. This 6-episode anime OVA series is a much beloved anime by many fans so much so that there was news earlier last year about a sequel in the works that surprised everyone.

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim division have taken up the task themselves in starting the production of a sequel in collaboration with Production IG (the people behind the anime adaptations of Ghost in the Shell), who worked with anime studio Gainax for the original FLCL. It's also worth mentioning that most of the folks from Gainax that worked on FLCL  left that studio years ago to form Studio TRIGGER, who worked on KILL LA KILL and Little Witch Academia, and are not involved in this sequel in the same capacity as the original.

The band The Pillows are back with their iconic music that gave the original FLCL its amazing soundtrack that is a favorite of many anime fans. Supervising director for the series is Katsuyuki Tomohiro from Production IG, who was Chief Director for Psycho-Pass season 1 and did planning supervision for Psycho-Pass season 2.

There will be 12 episodes of this new FLCL series and will be divided into FLCL 2and FLCL 3, which will come out next year in 2018.

While this trailer looks intriguing and is exciting many FLCL fans, I'm a bit wary of the the whole endeavor since most of the people who made the original aren't involved anymore. I know I am not alone in wondering if such a classic like FLCL even needs a sequel.

I'm just happy there's going to be more songs from The Pillows.

FLCL sequel trailer is now here so you can ride that shooting star again screenshot