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Flynn: Son of Crimson is as cathartic as they come

October 10, 2017 1 min read

You know the feeling of popping bubble wrap? Stepping on an extra crunchy leaf in the fall? I've found that certain mechanics in games are comparable to those small tangible pleasures in life. Wall jumping in Super Metroid, flattening goombas in Mario, and jumping on several boxes in succession in Crash Bandicoot all feel damn good. Now imagine an entire game of those feelings. That's what Flynn: Son of Crimson sets out to accomplish.

Flynn is the first largescale game by Studio Thunderhorse. It's already making waves on Kickstarter, where it has until October 24 to reach its $40K goal. It doesn't look like it's going to have much trouble hitting that, but its stretch goals include console ports that would suit this charming throwback to the classics. I got the chance to play through the alpha demo, which gives a good taste of the varied combat, open-ended exploration, and gorgeous sprite art.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is as cathartic as they come screenshot