For Honor goes free for the weekend

May 03, 2018 1 min read

For Honoris still trucking along and if you want to see vikings, samurai, and knights trade blows, this weekend brings a good opportunity: the game is holding a free-play event. It's live now and will run until May 6 at 1:00pm Pacific on PC and May 7 at 12:00am Pacific on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Note: if you're on console, you will need either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus.

In the time since the last free weekend, Ubisoft has added dedicated servers on all platforms. There's also an incentive for existing players to return and populate the game. For Honorplayers who group with newcomers and finish five matches will earn two weeks of Champion Status, which entails XP boosts, more salvage, and more end-of-match loot, among other benefits. Teach your children well.

While Rainbow Six Siegehas had a tremendous turnaround, For Honorhasn't been quite as fortunate. The developers are still putting in work, though, and plan to start Season 6 on May 17.

For Honor goes free for the weekend screenshot