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Forager is worth playing again with the Combat update

October 15, 2019 2 min read

Forageris arguably too easy for its own good, but HopFrog is raising the stakes with the newly-released Combat update on Steam. Along with endgame tasks like an endless enemy-filled realm called The Void and two new gear tiers (Void and Cosmic), the update also adds buildable railroads and pets!

I went into this grinding game looking for a chill way to unwind, and it delivered on that front. It always feels like you're accomplishing something. But once you run out of things to craft and buy, that's it.

This new update is combat-focused you can expect bosses and even common foes to put up more of a fight but there are also across-the-board improvements that'll affect all players.

Here's what stood out to me in the patch notes:

  • Skill Grid Rework:A lot of the boring/useless skills have been reworked or removed, and new ones have been added.
  • New Inventory Menu:New design and new features! Sort items manually, Send items to Vaults automatically, Add/Remove items from your Toolbar, and full item descriptions.
  • New Crafting Menu:New design and new features! Infinite crafting, Pinned recipes and full item descriptions.
  • Vault Locking:You are now able to lock slots on Vaults to make sure only the specified item goes in it.
  • New Secret NPC:There is a new secret trader NPC that only spawns at night and will sell rare items.
  • 100 New Items
  • A TON of Bugfixes

The Combat update hasn't made its way to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of Forager yet, so if that's where you're at, hang tight. I skipped the initial Steam release and waited for the Switch port it's great! If you're in the market, this jells as a lower-key supplement to Stardew Valley.

There's plenty more content on the way, too. HopFrog hopes to continue "for years to come."

Combat Update now available! [Steam]

Forager is worth playing again with the Combat update screenshot