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Free 'director's cut' update coming to Chroma Squad

July 07, 2017 1 min read

Behold Studios has announced a free update coming to the PC version of their tactical role-playing game, Chroma Squad. For those unfamiliar, Chroma Squad follows a group stunt actors who decided to strike out on their own and make a Power Rangers-inspired TV show. You do everything from balancing budgets to buying cardboard monster suits.

"Director's Cut" Features: 

  • New Game + - The adventure no longer ends after the credits roll- with the "New Game++" features you can keep playing with your current party, facing procedural generated enemies and goals on the episodes, crafting new items, and perhaps making different story choices that could lead to unexplored paths!
  • Revamped Mecha Fights - The Mecha Fights have been completely revamped to be faster and more fun, and the random chances were replaced by new reflex mini-games!
  • New “Heroic” Difficulty - Difficulty levels have been completely rebalanced to offer a more customizable experience, including a new super-hard mode called "Heroic Difficulty"!
  • Revamped Encounter Balancing - We have also tweaked a few encounters in the game that were famously unfair or long (*cough cough* Mini-Kaiju Squad *cough cough*)!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements - we also fixed some bugs and the game should be running smoother and faster overall!

Free 'director's cut' update coming to Chroma Squad screenshot