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Free on weekends? We're looking for some contributors

May 07, 2017 1 min read

Destructoid is looking for a few extra hands to help us with the smaller indie stories we might have missed during the crazy weekday news rush, and with the onslaught that is E3 next month. To apply simply send me a link to stuff you're written in the past (on Destructoid) and we'll try to get a few of you sorted.  I'm not looking for resumes -- I only want to hand the keys to people who are already using our community blogs.  Hit me up!  Please specify if you're looking to write for Destructoid, Japanator, Tomopop, or Flixist (or more than one).

To apply please email me directly at: niero [atto] destructoid [desuuuu]

Please only apply if you enjoy doing this sort of thing for fun on weekends, as I'm not hiring at the moment, but when I have hired full-time writers in the past it's always promoting from within in order of seniority. If you're looking for a paying writing gig asap it's best you launch your own thing and send me a thousand questions at the same email if you need advice on how to get started, I love helping people do that. As for Destructoid, we've been talking about doing a Patreon to expand our payroll to more writers from reader donations, so look for that soon. Until then Destructoid runs on the steam of our collective farts and youthful photos of Keanu.

Free on weekends? We're looking for some contributors screenshot