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Free-to-play 'cinematic' racer Forza Street slides onto Windows 10

April 15, 2019 2 min read

The Forzaseries isn't a complete stranger to the realm of free-to-play, but today there's another wrinkle in the franchise's usual timeline: Forza Street. Developed by Electric Square and published by Microsoft Studios, Forza Streetis a Windows 10 (and soon to be iOS and Android) street racing game.

Rather than the typical driving considerations, here, the experience is meant to be "cinematic." You'll have to worry about when to accelerate, brake, and boost, but not much else. Forza Streethas mobile-friendly one-minute Street Showdowns as well as an overarching story and a focus on upgrades.

The game builds off Miami Street, a free-to-play title from 2018, so if this all seems oddly familiar to you, there's a reasonable chance that's the cause. I wouldn't go so far as to call this Forzain name only, but Forza Streetisn't the standard experience fans know and love from Motorsportand Horizon.

"With the game available today on Windows 10 devices, we will continue to add features and actively engage with and listen to our community to make Forza Street the game our fans will want to take with them everywhere," noted director Andy Beaudoin. It's "rolling out to iOS and Android starting this year."

I think they can make a stronger case on mobile. Forza Streetis far more palatable as an every-so-often distraction while you're watching TV or waiting in line than it is a sit-down-and-play desktop game. If you feel totally turned off by this, rest easy knowing that more mainline Forzaentries await us.

Free-to-play and racing don't tend to mesh well for me, but knock yourself out.

Turn 10 Studios Announces Forza Street for PC and Mobile Devices [Xbox]

Free-to-play 'cinematic' racer Forza Street slides onto Windows 10 screenshot