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From Software reflects on Metal Wolf Chaos, its American mecha fever dream

June 25, 2019 1 min read

Metal Wolf Chaos is a wild video game, one that many of us have seen, but few have played.

It's an extremely patriotic 21st-century tale about the President of the United States, Michael Wilson, fending off a military coup led by his treacherous VP, Richard Hawk. Both men pilot mechs with reckless abandon across the country, making convenient pit stops at popular landmarks along the way. (You better believe there's a big-ass cannon situated on Alcatraz Island.) Eventually, their feud takes them up into space, because of course it does – that's where mech-loving men go to settle their scores.

For better or worse, Metal Wolf Chaoshits a lot of the notes you'd expect from a 2004-as-heck original Xbox game. It's often absurd and hilarious, never taking itself too seriously as an outside-looking-in interpretation of America. The upcoming PC, PS4, and Xbox One remaster dubbed Metal Wolf Chaos XDby From Software and Devolver Digital brings a new sheen, but not much else. The original design feels of its time. That said, there's still genuine enjoyment to be had with Metal Wolfin 2019.

Earlier this month, I spoke with From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi about a bunch of topics, including remasters, virtual reality, and the potential for another Armored Core. Our E3 discussion also dipped into the creation of Metal Wolf Chaosand its unexpected revival for modern platforms.

I asked what it felt like to have fans latch onto an old game that never saw a localized release.

From Software reflects on Metal Wolf Chaos, its American mecha fever dream screenshot