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Game and drink pairings for the discerning to degenerate gamer

November 19, 2017 1 min read

[Nothing like a fancy drink to go with the fanciest art form on earth, video games. Good thing SpielerDad has a few choice pairings and stories to share with everyone! I'm probably sticking to Pabst Dry (which is not a hipster beer no matter what mainstream media will tell you) but this was one entertaining read indeed. ~Bass]

My wife likes to read my blogs as well. It's not that she finds them incredibly interesting or witty... But rather she is checking my grammar and writing ability since she fancies herself an English teacher. (Fun Fact: she's an English teacher) 

So last week, after she told me that she read my latest blog and I asked her what she thought, she said that it was a bit more serious and somber than my usual posts and that it seemed like I wasn't trying to be funny and stupid. 

She was right. My last post was a bit of a serious entry and a departure from my normal writing style. Some may have been turned off by it. It's like going to a heavy metal concert and the band decides to play a power ballad, or some lame ass shit, and everyone decides it’s a good time to go take a piss and grab another beer. 

Game and drink pairings for the discerning to degenerate gamer screenshot