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Game of Thrones Season 7 Recap: 'Eastwatch'

August 14, 2017 2 min read


BRONNis spelled with a double n. It's been a while since I've seen all these names in print!

That said, my main point of contention with earlier season 7 episodes continues to problematically rear its head: characters are now moving across this world multiple times in the same episode! As some of you have pointed out, this contrasts so greatly with the sequential timing of the rest of the show that it's jarring to watch; we're not used to characters traveling by foot, horse, and wind-powered ships to move from extremity to extremity so quickly. Usually, there have been journeys, or it was only happening with one person amongst the cast, not the entire cast jumping around like Westeros was a checkers board and our cast the checkers. It is a bit much, but it also is what it is.

Maybe they could explain it away more easily if other people started riding dragons? Let's see where that goes.

Outside of the problematic geography and ease of travel, many plot lines continue to build to a forthcoming conclusion and that is sort of fun. Reunions continue to abound, some expected (Tyrion and Jaime) some far less so (read on, spoilers ahead).

In the south, people continue to worry about the problematic nature of dragons, that is, they tend to kill people, and often by burning them alive. Followers of the Mother of Dragon aren't really sure how they feel about this, now that it's happening in their own homeland--it's fine to burn a bunch of slavers, but when they start burning Westerosi lords and your former arms-men, it's easy to be conflicted. And enemies of the Mother of Dragons, well, they've now had a taste for the reality of the situation and found it to be ... bitter. Far too much reality, it turns out. Up until meeting a dragon, they thought they could win. Now, not so much.

[Editor's Note: This recap will obviously go into detail about last night's episode of Game of Thrones, so there are going to be a ton of spoilers. Final warning! ~ Nick, copied and pasted by Rick]

[Editor's 2nd Note: Apologies for my drinking my way through the episode and writing this recap, but it makes it hella more fun ya'll.]

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