Gearbox nerfs Borderlands 3 fan favorite, FL4K, again

October 04, 2019 1 min read

Gearbox has been toiling away trying to fix some of Borderlands 3's bugs, and with those bug fixes come character tweaks: some good, some bad.

FL4K, a very popular character in the base roster of four has been getting adjustments here and there, and now Gearbox decided to alter a few underused talents and nerf one big one. In addition to fixing a bug where pets push characters, Rakk Attack now has a 100% chance to trigger its status effect, Barbaric Yawp's bonus is now increased by 100%, and "Touch Pet" doesn't take priority over other actions like opening doors/looting/interacting with the environment.

Most notably, Leave No Trace, a skill that gives you ammo back for critical hits, is now massively nerfed with a re-trigger delay (read: cooldown) of two seconds. Not only will shotgun blasts fail to return tons of ammo, but pretty much every rapid-fire weapon will suffer the same fate. In other balance news, Moze's infinite grenades are no longer an option, with Means of Destruction gaining a re-trigger delay of two seconds.

Another huge fix: the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement bug should be fixed, which a lot of folks have been waiting a long time for. Given Gearbox's semi-hands-off take on Borderlands 2 nerfs, it's been interesting to see how hands-on they are for Borderlands 3, even though the entire game is PVE-oriented.

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