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George Miller needs to make a video game

July 23, 2017 2 min read

Last week, the cinema world lost one of its giant giants. I refer to George A. Romero as a giant giant for two reasons: 1) He basically invented an entire genre of film, and 2) the motherfucker was 6’4”. Goddamn that is tall.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please stop reading this and go watch the original Night of the Living Dead. Then watch 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Then watch Creepshow and The Crazies. Then, for a laugh, watch Knightriders. Then watch Day of the Land. Then stop because that’s about the point he ran out of steam. His later work aside, George Romero’s pioneering films have played a great role in today’s entertainment, from The Walking Dead to Call of Duty Zombies. Hell, he even directed a trailer for Resident Evil 2. Dead Rising put a nice little label on its box art exclaiming it isn't a Dawn of the Dead game even though it totally is. You can barely swing a cat around without hitting something featuring zombies. I only wish he had to chance to make a zombie video game before he passed.

This thought eventually snowballed into the Destructoid Discusses Question of the Week. We’ve had film directors tackle games before. Steven Spielberg had those Boom Blox games on the Wii. Guardians of the Galaxy auteur James Gunn wrote the script to Lollipop Chainsaw. Spike Lee wrote and directed Livin’ Da Dream for NBA 2K17, the story mode starring Frequency Vibrations, a name white people are no longer allowed to make fun of because we name our kids shit like Khaleesi. And I assume Night Trap was created by Tommy Wiseau.

Some great things have come out of film directors giving gaming a shot -- and also Boom Blox). So I wanted to know which directors our staff would love to see create a video game. I mean, a director other than the obvious choice of George Miller.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, George Miller is the acclaimed director of Babe: Pig in the City, Happy Feet, The Witches of Eastwick, Lorenzo’s Oil, and some car movies. He’s a wonderfully inventive filmmaker, unafraid to set his sights on any genre imaginable. If gaming is going to continue its incessant push to becoming more like big summer blockbusters, shouldn’t we just get the greatest action film director ever to lead the way? Mad Max: Fury Road is, in my opinion, the greatest action film ever. The second greatest? Rambo, but Mad Max 2 is a close third. Even the first and the third films are goddamn entertaining.

It’s as if this guy doesn’t know how to make a bad action film, and that’s why he needs to make an action game. He's certainly a better choice than the chucklefucks listed below.

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