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Get rich for keeping your Rockstar account safe

March 22, 2019 1 min read

It's tough out there. People got side hustles on top of their other side hustles, anything to make ends meet. Folks are heisting and fishing to put food on the table.

Rockstar is offering up some cash and precious metal in exchange for a little account security. Anyone who turns on two-factor authentication for their Rockstar Social Club account will be gifted $500k in Grand Theft Auto Online and 10 gold bars in Red Dead Online. Here's the link to enable two-factor authentication.

This bonus won't turn you into a one-percenter in either of these games, but it's a decent chunk of change. In GTA Online, $500,000 can be bought with a $10 Shark Card. In Red Dead Online, 25 gold bars can be purchased for $10; so, 10 gold bars has like a $4 value. But, do you know what's priceless? Knowing that scammers and hackers aren't going to steal your account.

Get rich for keeping your Rockstar account safe screenshot