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Getting the most out of your PlayStation 3 in 2018

February 04, 2018 2 min read

[We ran this in February, but we loved it so much we bumped it again for those who missed it. Enjoy! -Niero]

The figures are out, and the PlayStation 4 is already close to catching up with the PlayStation 3 when it comes to lifetimes sales. We're reaching peak PS4 time, with huge releases such as Monster Hunter: World and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossuscoming to the console in the past few months. To be frank, we're drowning in good current-gen games, so it's probably time to sell old consoles to buy extra games, send slightly battered models off to the scrap heap, or simply leave them untouched, gathering dust, on the shelf. 

Hold it right there, though! Now is absolutely not the time to be even thinking of getting rid of your PS3. I would even argue that now is the perfect time to buy a PS3, if you missed out on that era of games. There's still life in the old gal yet, and what's more, it's becoming a very cheap console to collect for. I play my PlayStation 3 probably about 60% of the time I'm gaming, while 30% goes on my PlayStation 4 and a measly 10% goes on low-res adventure and point-and-click games on my battered old laptop. And I can't say I've got bored yet.

So, why should you rush out and get a second-hand PS3? And how do you make the PS3 an exciting, useful console in 2018, when you have a PS4 already sitting in your cabinet? Let me discuss why I think the PS3 still has legs, and what to do to fall back in love with the console.

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