Giant Bomb Premium Is On Sale Now!

August 19, 2019 2 min read

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That's right: Until 9/2, you can extend your current membership (or get a new one!) for three Hamiltons and a Lincoln, or whatever the equivalent would be in your local currency. (I assume three Founding Fathers and a President are worth at least two and a half Queen Elizabeths, but I'm not sure where the exchange rate is as of writing this.) You can find out more information here, or just head over here to sign up or click here to extend an existing membership.

This sale will last until Mon, September 2nd at midnight Pacific Time!

If you're new to Premium or haven't subscribed in a while, there's a ton of new stuff to explore! The entirety of the GTA Crime Crew showis live for your perusal! Our new series Grapes and Wrath is in full swing! We've premiered You're Gonna Finish It! Get caught up on Abby's encounterswith her little lord boy! And our newest show Burgle My Bananas will debut this week as well! It's a great time to get Premium!


Where's my discount code?!We remove store discount codes from the Yearly Premium membership during sale periods to allow us to offer this membership at a lower price!

I'll never give you bastards money!Note that we also now have a free trial system! If you start a free trial during the sale, you should get the sale price when your full membership kicks in, even if that happens after the sale is over.

I think I'm in love! Congrats! You should totally get your new soulmate a gift membership to Giant Bomb! Note that gift memberships are full-price during a sale, but you will get an extra few months of time if you buy during the sale. Unfortunately that's the way the new gift sub system works!

I renewed at full price!Most renewals during a sale week will go through at the full price with the store code. If you'd prefer to get the sale price, just go ahead and extend your membership during the sale and that'll be that! If you do renew at full price, just email me at and don't use the store code; I can cancel it and refund you the difference. It might take me a day or two to get back to you, though!

Why all the exclamation points?!I am in the pocket of BIG EXCLAMATION! but their checks haven't cleared yet! Please sign up for Premium so I remain gainfully employed or I might have to see what BIG EMOJI is paying!

If you have any questions about this sale, or have any issues taking advantage of it, please get in touch with us at; that'll get you a much quicker response than any other method of reaching out. We get a high volume of support emails during sales but we'll get back to you ASAP! Thanks for subscribing; it really does help us run this little dumb train!