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Giveaway: Boss 101 (Steam) from Dtoider Donley!!!!

November 02, 2017 1 min read

If you frequent our C-Blogs (and you should), you might have seen Dtoider Donley posting about the development of his game Boss 101. Well, release day is upon us! Head to Steam and buy yourself a copy of Boss 101, to show some love and support. If you're poor, broke or just prefer free stuff though, we got you. The Big D (can I call you that?), and his team, have given us 15 copies to hand out to 15 lucky folks. What is Boss 101 you ask? Hot, sexy side scrolling action. Mr. Destructoid hat love. Fantastic pixel art. Crazy boss action. Dude, hats! Games inside of games! Gameception man!!! Here, feast your filthy, peasant eyes on this amazing-ness.

Giveaway: Boss 101 (Steam) from Dtoider Donley!!!! screenshot