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Grab Shadow Warrior Classic for free on GOG

July 05, 2017 1 min read

Free is good. Shadow Warrior Classic, a great retro shooter, is free. That's good.

Go ahead and mosey over to GOG and get it as part of a free promotion, which includes the DRM-free complete edition of the game spanning every episode. If you'll recall it was already free on Steam for some time, but again, this is DRM-free and on another platform you may or may not prefer. It's an option!

I miss all of these over-the-top shooters like Blood, with their labyrinthine map design that never reached checklist proportions -- even the new Shadow Warrior series doesn't quite feel the same. It's kind of a lose-lose proposition as you need to cater toward a whole new audience, but I feel like Bethesda's recent Doom was more than up to that task and showed everyone how it's done.

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete [GOG]

Grab Shadow Warrior Classic for free on GOG screenshot