Granblue Fantasy: Versus coming to PC via Steam March 13

February 26, 2020 1 min read

In a very surprising announcement made on the brand's Twitter account, it has been revealed that Arc System Works' gorgeous fighting title Granblue Fantasy: Versus is headed to PC, via Steam, and as soon as March 13 for a simultaneous worldwide launch.

Not only is this a surprise as there had been little to no murmurs of an incoming PC release, but it also means that the spin-off anime fighter will arrive on PC before it even hits PS4 in Europe (though only a week after its North American release).

Two caveats that should be noted, however. Firstly, it looks like there is no crossplay incoming, which is disappointing, so hopefully the PC community will be able to establish itself as healthy in double-quick time, lest this become yet another anime fighter to die out in a matter of months on the PC platform. Secondly, the PC edition will not include the exclusive codes that allow you to unlock extra content in other Granblue Fantasy titles. These codes will only be available to customers who pick up the PS4 release.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus launches on PS4 in North America March 3, in Europe on March 27, and worldwide on PC March 13.

Granblue Fantasy Versus PC version releasing March 13th [Eventhubs]

Granblue Fantasy: Versus coming to PC via Steam March 13 screenshot