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Guile reveals grooming tips in Japanese gel advert

August 07, 2017 1 min read

Having failed to cash-in on the obvious cross-promotion potential for decades, army colonel and part-time family man William Guile has given an interview revealing how he keeps his cylindrical flat-top rock-solid, even in the midst of battle.

As part of a Japanese ad campaign, Col. Guile stated that he uses the "J-Gel" range of products from cosmetic company Yanagiya. In particular, it's the "Ultra Hard" variant of the range that gives his hair that streamlined-for-flash-kicks hold.

"Disheveled hair is connected to losing one’s composure. It’s not cool," states the decorated street fighter, though he apparently failed to confirm a link between his rock-hard 'do and complete lack of eyebrows, nor why Charlie Nash became Carlos Blanka that one time.

So, the next time you want to have a head like a cornfield, are enjoying a solid day of turtling, or just fancy an 8-2 match-up vs. Ryu, you know the gloop you'll need to slop on your scalp first.

Guile interview [J-Gel]

Guile reveals grooming tips in Japanese gel advert screenshot