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Harmonix has a potential hit on its hands with Audica

February 13, 2019 1 min read

Rock Bandcreator Harmonix is cooking up a new rhythm game for virtual reality players called Audicaand it's brimming with potential. Using a pair of blasters, you'll shoot, smash, and paint color-coded targets to the beat of the music. I went from halfway curious to fully on board after seeing the trailer.

As if I didn't already feel guilty enough about missing the gym this week.

The studio says Audicabegan life as a "passion project for a small team." As such, it'll be scaled up in Steam Early Access leading into its full release for Oculus Rift and Vive "before the end of 2019." Harmonix also noted that it's "hoping to bring it to PSVR when we exit Early Access later this year."

The initial launch is set for March 7 and it'll include ten songs with four difficulties. The full version of Audicais expected to have 25+ tracks, Campaign mode, Practice mode, more locations, additional weapon sets, more fleshed-out leaderboards, and "possibly new gameplay mechanics."

I'm not sure if guns will resonate with people the same as sabers in Beat Saber, but the mechanics look tight and it'll come down to the soundtrack. There's plenty of room for both games in the VR space.

Harmonix has a potential hit on its hands with Audica screenshot