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Hearthstone is heading deep underground for its next expansion

November 03, 2017 1 min read

Hearthstone will be expanding once again later this year, and the collectible card game is taking some cues from Dungeons and Dragons.  The next expansion will focus on the rat-like Kobolds and their underground lair.

Every Hearthstoneplayer will get a free Legendary card, Marin the Fox. When he enters the battlefield he spawns a high-health treasure chest for your opponent, and destroying it will get you a powerful artifact. A few new cards were revealed, and the new mechanic this time, "Recruit," will allow you to call cards directly out of your deck to the battlefield without playing them from your hand.

Each class will have a new legendary weapon, even those classes that haven't had weapon cards available to them before. The expansion will also contain new single-player content, called Dungeon Run. It was described as a "Hearthstone Roguelike." In this mode you'll create a deck from provided cards and attempt to beat ten dungeon bosses in a row, each with their own gimmick. Losing will require you to start over, so a versatile strategy will be necessary. The Dungeon Run will be free to all players, requiring neither in-game gold or a cash purchase.

Kobolds and Catacombs will launch sometime next month.

Hearthstone is heading deep underground for its next expansion screenshot