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Hell yeah, Rocket League added fidget spinner wheels

July 05, 2017 1 min read

Fidget spinners are a hot commodity right now, used only be the coolest of kids and derided by the "haters" of the world. In the interest of disclosure, I am extremely pro-fidget spinner which is why the newest Rocket League development has me excited. Psyonix added fidget spinners to the game.

One of the items that can be obtained in the newest Overdrive Crate (the game's system of cosmetic microtransactions) is a set of fidget spinner wheels called "FGSP." They're exotic tier, meaning that they're the second most rare items available. In even more rare instances, these wheels drop as painted variants. That's right, there's a whole set to collect, kids.

Other items are less exciting, even if they're technically the focus. There aren't any Black Market decals in this crate, as Psyonix has opted to replace them with goal explosions. There's stuff like fireworks and "hellfire," both of which look kind of neat. But, they're no fidget spinners and that's why they don't get their own post.

Hell yeah, Rocket League added fidget spinner wheels screenshot