Hellgate London returning to Steam under new publisher

Authored By Anthony Marzano

After years of being dead in the west, Hellgate: London has risen from the underworld return to Steam. Originally released back in 2007, the online-focused post-apocalyptic fantasy action RPG botched the landing with a plethora of bugs and confusing mix of questionable business models.

The full release of the game was disappointing as the beta had a great Diablo-style feel to it, with procedural dungeon crawling and a really interesting setting and art style. Hellgate went on to languish around in obscurity for a little over a year before the western servers were ultimately shut down.

The game had tentacles legs in Korea after the publishing company Hanbitsoft bought the title and had it remodeled as a free-to-play game in 2011. The relaunch brought the success that the game deserved and even facilitated an expansion, bringing new Korean-based maps to the dark fantasy nightmarish world. Unfortunately this relaunched edition never made it to the west, until now.

Hellgate London returning to Steam under new publisher screenshot


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