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Here are your 2018 Golden Globe winners

January 08, 2018 1 min read

Obviously this year's Golden Globes won't be remembered much for who won or lost. The dominate feature of the evening was the entire guest list wearing black for the night (not much a departure for the men) in solidarity with women, both in and out of the industry, who have come forward with their experiences of abuse and harassment from men in power. But awards were handed out and you can see what they are below.

The other striking thing about this year's Globes is that there weren't that many front runners. I was neither surprised by nor expecting almost any of the wins other than Frances McDormand. I could give a valid argument for every winner to win out over the others in their category. I suppose, if I had to pick one, the biggest surprise to me was del Toro taking home best director. The Shape of Water is an incredible film with a unique tone, but I just didn't see it pulling out over the much bigger films it was facing, but it did. 

Here are your 2018 Golden Globe winners screenshot