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Here's a look at Heroes of the Storm's version of D.Va

May 08, 2017 1 min read

Starting today D.Va will be playable in the PTR for Heroes of the Storm, which means her talents and abilities as they relate to a top-down MOBA have come to light.

D.Va will retain her "in and out of mech" kit from Overwatch, and can call her mech back faster when dealing damage in pilot mode -- interestingly, killing her mech counts as half a hero kill, and she can only mount while outside of the mech. Beyond that she has boosters, her signature defensive matrix, a self-destruct ability, and two Heroics -- Bunny Hop (a mech stomp that makes her unstoppable) and Big Shot (a line skillshot in pilot mode that greatly reduces her mech cooldown).

As a reminder she is a Warrior, and on paper her kit is in line with some of the wackier experiments Blizzard has been conducting over the past few years or so. I especially like that her mech Heroic is original, and fits the arcadey theme of Overatch. We'll see if she's nerfed [this] or buffed soon enough!

Here's a look at Heroes of the Storm's version of D.Va screenshot