Here's some VOD junkfood for your Halloween movie marathon

October 30, 2018 1 min read

With Halloween landing on a Wednesday this week, you might have found yourself in a dilemma: You spent the entire Halloweekend gorging yourself on spooks and scares, and now with the actual day fast approaching you have nothing left to watch. This is a deeply disturbing situation. What happens if you go a Halloween night without watching a bunch of horror movies? No one knows. It's never happened.

Halloween certainly isn't the time to tempt fate, so let's make this right. You've burnt through the classics and watched the favorites out of your collection. You're not about to go to the theater on a Wednesday night. You got work in the morning, so you need to stream as many movies as humanly possible as soon as your ass hits the couch and that Red Baron pizza gets crispy in the oven.

And boy are you in luck, because as Flixist's self-appointed Garbage Goblin, I have a spattering of recently reviewed VOD junkfood ready to fill the void that candy corn can't quite reach.

Here's some VOD junkfood for your Halloween movie marathon screenshot