Here's the massive list of quality of life changes coming to Fallout 76 today

April 14, 2020 2 min read

Fallout 76 is undergoing a lot of alterations today.

Change is coming, as the game is morphing into its Wastelanders incarnation, which brings NPCs into the mix. Well it turns out that Wastelanders is actually bringing a whole lot more into the fold, like tons of quality of life updates that just wholly improve upon Fallout 76's baseline.

Not only is the game on Steam (a quality of life boon all on its own) now, but Wastelanders also has the aforementioned NPCs intertwined with a new main questline. You'll unlock some of it early, but the bulk of the Wastelanders stuff comes at level 20 in Sutton. There's also new events and daily quests, as well as NPC allies, new enemies (Floaters, the Wendigo Colossus, Blood Eagles and Cult of the Mothman followers) and another in-game currency (gold bullion). Daytime now lasts 13 hours instead of eight, too, which is a fairly big change in terms of enhancing exploration opportunities.

The real star of the show is arguably the quality of life changes that are finally coming to Fallout 76 with this patch. All of the quest markers will actually show up on the map now (good!), and you can directly click on markers to get more info, instead of fumbling through your journal and piecing everything together. You also will get a prompt before spawning into games with active nuke zones (read: this is kind of like joining a competitive match you're about to lose), and you can press and hold the interact action to manipulate items in-game rather than diving into your menus (another welcome change).

Finally, public events now tell you what level you should be before taking them on, another radio host will be chatting you up, and some perks, like Scrounger and Pharma Farma, automatically work.

Just reading these changes makes Fallout 76 feel like a completely different game. Now we'll have to see if there's any goodwill left and people boot up their old copies to give Wastelanders a go.

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Here's the massive list of quality of life changes coming to Fallout 76 today screenshot