Here's what it'll take to run Shenmue III on PC, besides the Epic Games Store

July 24, 2019 2 min read

It's incredible how out of touch a lot of publishers are when it comes to issues that should be more obvious. For years folks have dealt with Kickstarter burn after burn, whether it's due to the quality of a finished product or the mishandling of a campaign (or in some cases, like Mighty No. 9, both).

So when Deep Silver and Ys Net refused to offer refunds initially because of an Epic Games Store exclusive deal on PC, I was shocked. I mean Kickstarter is always a gamble, but you're really going to put your entire reputation at risk because of this one platform for this one project? When they backed down and allowed refunds several weeks later the damage had already been done: it'll always be a footnote in the history of Shenmue III.

In an official Kickstarter post today Ys Net confirmed that they are "working on the necessary changes to the backer survey system," which will allow for refund requests for a "period." For those of you who are still keeping your PC pledge the system requirements have been released, and as expected, they're pretty low, even for the recommended setting. You can check them out below. Yu Suzuki will also be going to Gamescom where he will be showing off Shenmue III.

Despite all this, I'm still looking forward to seeing Shenmue III's final build. I remember finishing Shemnue II in late 2002 and going "uh, that's it?" I've waited 17 years to see how this saga continues, and I've sidestepped this entire issue given that I'm only interested in the PS4 edition.

Gamescom 2019 [Kickstarter]

Here's what it'll take to run Shenmue III on PC, besides the Epic Games Store screenshot