Here's your first look at the new Half Life: Alyx, free for Valve Index users

November 21, 2019 2 min read

Earlier this week Valve revealed that there's a new Half-Life game in the works. Whoa calm down there champ! It's a VR project.

This is something every Index user sort of predicted, as the company launched the hardware with one app that had killer potential but ended up being a tech demo (Aperture Hand Lab). Valve needed to eventually give people a reason to buy the device, and a new Half-Life will probably move some units.

Now that Valve has fully pulled back the curtain, you can more easily ascertain if this is your jam. It takes place between Half-Lifeand Half-Life 2, and deals with Alyx Vance and her father fighting The Combine alien race. Valve says the game was created "from the ground up" for VR, but has Half-Life staples like puzzles and "visceral combat," as well as an emphasis on story and exploration. Some of the environments shown off so far (apartments, citadel, elevator, courtyard, lab, sewer, all in the gallery below) look pretty incredible.

Now here's the sticker shock: Half-Life: Alyx is $59.99 at launch, with a nebulous March 2020 release window. If you own a Valve Index headset, it's free. Valve says that "all PC-based VR headsets" can run it (so, the Vive and Rift, the two most popular, are good to go), and it will be powered by Valve's Source 2 engine. You can check out a statement from Gabe Newell below, who is once again really freaking jazzed about VR.

As an Index owner I'm good to go, but I'm really interested in seeing just how far Valve went to ensure that this was a real Half-Lifegame; and not just an episodic tech demo that so many big IP VR projects end up as.

Here's your first look at the new Half Life: Alyx, free for Valve Index users screenshot