Hey It's A "We Got The Date Wrong" Black Friday Membership Sale!

November 16, 2018 2 min read

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It's that time of year again! Well, one of those times of year, at any rate: another Giant Bomb Premium membership sale is upon us. Until 11/27 , you can extend your current membership for the low, low cost of $35. You can find out more information here, or just head over here to sign up or click here to extend an existing membership. This sale will last until Tuesday, November 27th!

If you're new to Premium or haven't subscribed in a while, there's a ton of new stuff to explore! Watch Alex take on the Reapers in Mass Alex! Watch Dan do his Bond impression in Die Another Friday! Have a Playdate with some friends! Join us for UPF!

Note: sale memberships do not come with the normal store discount code. That's what enables us to reduce the price! We do have Paypal available for new memberships! Unfortunately it cannot be used to extend memberships if you're already signed up with a credit card, though, due to the way our payment processor works. (If you want to shift your membership from a credit card to Paypal; email me at support at giantbomb.com and we'll work something out.)

Note that we also now have a free trial system! If you start a free trial during the sale, you should get the sale price when your full membership kicks in, even if that happens after the sale is over. But again, let us know if there are any issues.

Note that gift memberships are full-price during a sale, but you will get an extra few months of time when buying a yearly sub during sales. Unfortunately that's the way the new gift sub system works!

Also: most renewals during a sale week will go through at the full price with the store code. If you'd prefer to get the sale price, just go ahead and extend your membership during the sale and that'll be that! If you do renew at full price, just email me at support and don't use the store code; I can cancel it and refund you the difference. It might take me a day or two to get back to you, though!

If you have any questions about this sale, or have any issues taking advantage of it, please get in touch with me at support@giantbomb.com; that'll get you a much quicker response than any other method of reaching out. We get a high volume of support emails during sales and I am going to be somewhat occupied during Thanksgiving, but I will try to get to you as soon as I can!

Merchandise Sale!

As we did last year, we are planning to offer a discount on all of our store items! We have a little more work to do behind-the-scenes, and one new item to get into the store, but check back Monday for 20% off all of your store orders!