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Hey, so what's your WPM?

July 21, 2017 1 min read

You Gamers probably only know the WASD keys, but a wordsmith like me has to have full command of the whole keyboard. I got all 26 letters memorized, the space bar, the commas and apostrophes, the shifts, and sometimes even the numbers. Impressive, I'm aware.

There was one time in college where I was struggling to find a summer job so I went to one of those job placement center things. Part of the process was that I had to take a typing test. Halfway through, some old lady who was taking the test next to me loudly complained to everyone that I was typing too fast and too loud for her to concentrate. Yeah, I'm that good. I think I got a job landscaping for the summer or something.

Please sit down before you consider this: I have only gotten better since then.

Every professional athlete eventually wonders how elite they actually are. Quantify it. Strip it of the intangibles and boil it down to a raw number. Leadership and grit don't count for shit. I want to know that you averaged a triple-double for a whole season.

So I took a typing test --Β this one, the typing test with the best SEO. Free of the burden of that job placement lady, I did pretty dang well. Put this on the back of my rookie card:

Hey, so what's your WPM? screenshot