Holy crap, with Solo you actually voted with your wallets

May 29, 2018 1 min read

It's a familiar refrain across the Internet when some company does something crappy or puts out a less-than-stellar product: vote with your wallets. "It's the only way we can speak to these big corporations," commenters and bloggers shout from the cloud. If these things don't sell then they'll stop making them or if their dumb practices don't return profits than they won't do it. This thinking is entirely true.

Except we (society, nerds, fans, everyone) aren't really that good at following through on this. Movies within franchises almost always destroy opening weekends unless they've been terrible for years (e.g. Transformers), gaming companies continue horrible DLC practices, and we all let Fifty Shades of Greyhappen. We suck at voting with our wallets when it's something we're invested in, whether that investment comes from fandom or time or misplaced passion.

Except for this weekend. This weekend a beloved character from one of the most powerful franchises in history opened soft. With Solo you actually voted with your wallet, and it should send a powerful message to Disney.

Holy crap, with Solo you actually voted with your wallets screenshot