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How are you liking Devil May Cry 5? (Spoilers)

March 14, 2019 1 min read

Hideaki Itsuno promised that Devil May Cry 5, the just-released fifth game in the main Devil May Cry series, would "exceed all expectations." I think many would agree that it didn't just exceed all expectations, it damn well Max-Acted straight to the top before doing a level-three High Roller on everyone waiting to take the wheel again for Dante, Nero, and even V.

But after beating the game on Devil Hunter, I've come to appreciate the overarching story. Maybe not the immediate story of DMC5, of the good guys versus the bad guy, but of the arc that has always driven Dante since the beginning of the series' chronology. Also, if it isn't already obvious, everything past this point will be about spoilers, so that the comments can also talk about spoilers.

How are you liking Devil May Cry 5? (Spoilers) screenshot