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How are you liking Kingdom Hearts III so far?

January 29, 2019 1 min read

Kingdom Hearts IIIhas arrived at last. Long-time fans can pick up where they left off back when they were likely much different people than they are today. First-timers like me are in for a madcap ride.

I haven't touched any of the main Kingdom Heartsgames or the spin-offs. I haven't consulted the wikis, or even absorbed any pertinent details from the sidelines. Yes, folks, it's happening: I'm leaping headfirst into Kingdom Hearts III and I feel as if I've just jumped without a parachute, Point Break-style. There's no going back now that Pandora's box is open, but in a way, my blissful ignorance is freeing.

I don't have to fret over the particulars of the ongoing story. I'm here for the Disney Stuff, not the Black Cloak Stuff, and I'll tolerate a whole lotta well-meaning nonsense along the way if that's what it takes.

One early revelation came when I learned for the first time in my humble life that Donald Duck is an honest-to-god "magician" in this universe. No joke, that's my starting point, which surely falls in the category of "you don't even know what you don't know." I watched the Memory Archives story refresher, I nodded along to this live-action video at the behest of Ray and Dan, and I'm all cozy. It's time.

Whether you're totally fresh-faced like me or you've been rushing to "catch up" with the series in preparation for this fateful day, let's hear it: how are you getting along with Kingdom Hearts III?

How are you liking Kingdom Hearts III so far? screenshot