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How Limited Run, Super Rare, and others are keeping physical games alive

April 28, 2020 2 min read

There are many great PlayStation Vita titles that players continue to hail even to this day. Breach & Clear is not one of them. The tactical shooter was met with middling reviews when it released for the Vita in 2015. With a forgettable name and forgettable gameplay, there's good reason to believe it should have slowly been lost to time like so many other minor Vita titles. Instead, it stands as a testament to the popularity of physical media in an age where we're continuously pushed to go digital.

Mighty Rabbit Studios, the developers of Breach & Clear, were in an unfortunate position in 2015. Contract work dried up and its next title making the jump to console, Saturday Morning RPG, wasn't quite ready for market. Facing bankruptcy, the developer put its efforts into a new company that would publish physical copies of its titles. Its name? Limited Run Games.

"Limited Run Games formed from a desperate situation," says Douglas Bogart, one of the co-founders of the company. "I worked at Mighty Rabbit Studios as a tester/community manager and was asked to help start Limited Run Games with Josh [Fairhurst, founder of Mighty Rabbit Studios] as I had sales and community knowledge. We basically took a gamble if the game would sell and everyone was telling us it was insane to sell a Vita game when the platform was 'dead.'"

With available funds, Bogart and Fairhurst produced 1,500 copies of Breach & Clear for sale on the Limited Run Games website. 

It sold out in less than two hours.

"It as pretty crazy," Bogart tells me. "We knew then there was definitely still demand for physical games and we started reaching out to other companies to see if we could help them preserve their games."

How Limited Run, Super Rare, and others are keeping physical games alive screenshot