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How much do you love Dwayne Johnson?

January 08, 2018 1 min read

Sorry for the lack of box office the past few weeks, but holidays and such. Anyway it pretty much was just Star Wars and Jumanji, and that'll continue for a bit because... well. Blockbuster holiday movies have strong holdover for about the entire month. That might not be more true than this year when Star Wars and Jumanji seem set to duke it out with nothing coming to knock them off the roost until Black Pantheror everyone having seen them because there was nothing else to see. This week went to Jumanji, a movie that pulled ahead by being released later and also some incredible word of mouth because, damn, if it isn't fun. 

That's another big hit for Dwayne Johnson, by the way. A man whose charm pretty much oozes out of every pore and makes you somehow even slightly enjoy movies like San Andreas or look forward to a fucking Rampageadaptation. But let's really dig into this. How much do you like him? I'm in between have his babies and simply marry him. Of course there's no option to not like him. I mean look at that charming smile!

It should be mentioned that the tepid Insidious: The Last Key opened this week at number two with a really strong box office for an early January film. 

How much do you love Dwayne Johnson? screenshot