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How should Bayonetta look in Bayonetta 3?

February 18, 2018 1 min read

Bayonetta 1 & 2 were just released on Switch, which means that soon enough, Sega, Nintendo and Platinum will start rolling out more information on Cereza's next big adventure. As for right now everything we know about the game comes from a brief announcement trailer from late last year. In my analysis of the video for Nintendo Force, I speculated that the teaser alluded to not only how the game would look, but how it would play. It shows an apparent Bayonetta doppelganger get split in half, all before seeing her iconic emblem being split down the middle in the shape of a "3".

This imagery could be hinting at a story where two different Bayonettas (maybe from alternate timelines?), one modeled after Bayo's red-themed outfit from her first game, and the other after her blue-tinted look from her second game, are literally and/or spiritually  split in two. These split witches would mirror the Switch's split Joy Con controllers, allowing for color coordinated co-op play right out of the box. I also speculated that my two dads Bayonettas could fuse together to form one powered-up purple super sorceress, not unlike what you might see in modern day cartoon classics like Dragonball Z and Stephen Universe. 

What might this totally unofficial, probably-not-actually-going-to-happen super-version of Bayonetta look like? With a collection of unused designs from the team at Platinum games, along with a bevy of fan art from across the internet, we're here to make our best guesses. 

How should Bayonetta look in Bayonetta 3?  screenshot