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How to beat Rumble Run, Hearthstone's latest Solo Adventure

December 23, 2018 1 min read

Hearthstone'slatest Solo Adventure, Rumble Run,sees you take the role of Rikkar, a Troll champion preparing to do battle against a series of eight fierce AI gladiators. 

To begin, you must first choose a team to represent. This is done by choosing one of three powerful Shrine cards randomly offered to you, out of pool of 27. Shrines are minions with unique effects that will begin in play on your side of the board. The Shrine you choose will dictate which one of Hearthstone's nine classes you will play as and will give you a 10-card deck to use in your first battle. After each successful victory, you will be able to pick one of three randomly generated card 'buckets' to add to your deck. Card buckets consist of three random cards that all fit a certain theme, such as 'Elementals' or 'Fire'.

The AI-controlled gladiators faced in Rumble Run represent the other eight Hearthstone classes aside from the one you choose, and will come equipped with Shrines of their own. You will face up against the same gladiators each time you play through a Rumble Run, but the order they are encountered and their decks and Shrines will be randomised with each play through. As you progress through Rumble Run, your AI-controlled opponents will gain more Health, stronger decks, and eventually more Mana Crystals with each successive victory. If you are able to defeat all eight gladiators, you will be rewarded with the Rumble Run card back.

How to beat Rumble Run, Hearthstone's latest Solo Adventure screenshot