How to understand the insanity that is the Flixist writers

May 25, 2018 2 min read

Flixist has been around since 2010, but for many regular Destructoid readers you're just getting to know us. We're glad you seem to like us for the most part, but... do you really know us? We've had a bunch of new writers (some drawn straight from the community) come on board and share their own weird, bizarre sense of style and self with the internet. Long story short, there are a lot of new faces popping up, and we've decided to finally come out of our caves and share with you all a little about ourselves!

Waaaaaay back in 2010, our fearless leaders published a post about the 15 movies you need to see to understand Flixist. Essentially, that list took a hard look at what kind of movies Matt and Tom thought were important and helped inform the site as a whole. It was a sort of "get to know you" kind of post. So we're going to bring that back with a twist. Each writer on staff has chosen one movie that really exemplifies why they write about movies. What they look for in a movie, a movie that fascinates them, a movie that might be flaming hot garbage but still holds a sentimental place in their heart, or just a god-awful movie that encouraged them to spread the word why no one should ever see that movie for their own safety. Bottom line, we have movies that made us want to write about movies, and we want to share them with you. 

Most of these movies are not our favorite movies. Hell, a few of the movies below might not even be good. But these are movies that we feel can communicate who we are as people and what we specifically bring to Flixist. If there's a movie on here that you haven't seen before, give it a watch. If you've seen all of these movies, then you completely understand all of us and we can be best friends and hang out all the time and you'll never leave me! Congratulations?

How to understand the insanity that is the Flixist writers screenshot