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Humble now offers Epic Games Store keys for sale

May 02, 2019 1 min read

The Humble Store has begun offering keys for Epic Games Store exclusives. While this decision was announced a few months back, it has finally taken form with three games being available for purchase. Customers will be able to grab Metro Exodus, Dangerous Driving, and Borderlands 3 from Humble. The benefit here is that Humble allows you to check out with multiple games in a shopping cart, not to mention frequently runs discounts on its selection of titles.

In an announcement over on its website, Epic Games wrote that more games will be coming to Humble over time. While that was probably obvious, the company did mention that it has shifted around features on its roadmap for the next few months. Why a basic shopping cart is still a long term goal is beyond me, but I suppose snatching up games is more important than creating a quality storefront.

If you're interested in nabbing these titles from Humble, you can find Metro here, Dangerous Driving here, and Borderlands 3 here. Humble Monthly subscribers will receive a 10% discount on the former two, while Borderlands does not offer as much.

Humble now offers Epic Games Store keys for sale screenshot