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Humble's giving away Brutal Legend for free right now

November 20, 2017 1 min read

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young died over the weekend. He's the latest in a never-ending sad and continuous stream of beloved musicians passing away. This year has seen, among others, Young, Chuck Berry, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Gregg Allman, and Chester Bennington all shuffle off this mortal coil. Some earlier than others, but all undeniably influential in their own way.

Maybe it's a strained connection, but this opportunity to remember gone musicians is also an opportunity to remember a mostly-forgotten music video game. Humble is giving away real-time-strategy-game-in-disguiseĀ Brutal LegendĀ for free. No strings attached (apart from having a Humble account) -- just go through the checkout process and get sent a Steam key. The promotion ends at 10am Pacific on Wednesday November 22.

Looking through our archives of Brutal LegendĀ stories, I found this retrospective that I apparently wrote four years ago. (I've written 3,000-some stories here, it's hard to remember even a fraction of them!) In that piece, I said "Brutal LegendĀ is the From Dusk Till DawnĀ of video games." That is still the smartest thing I've ever said.

Brutal Legend [Humble]

Humble's giving away Brutal Legend for free right now screenshot