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I don't think Disgaea 1 Complete needs E3 to sell fans on it

June 20, 2018 1 min read

If there is a common theme throughout game coverage at E3, it's that most titles simply don't give people enough time to fully feel out the experience. Some do, Capcom had it perfect with its Mega Man 11and Resident Evil 2 demos, as did Sony with Spider-Man. NIS America is another story.

The developer and publisher of some of the most cherished niche franchises in gaming wasn't really able to put on a good E3 presentation. At my hour-long appointment, I was given free reign to play any game it was showing -- except SNK Heroines on Switch because the build they had present was the final build of the game. Unfortunately, none of what I could see were demos. Rather, they were all just the full game.

Many of my demo sessions were like that for the week, but with NIS and its gallery of slow, text-heavy role-playing games, it's really not the best way to show off how good they can be. With Metal Max Xeno, I was just thrown into the beginning of the game. It was the same with Disgaea 1 Complete, but at least this one does a better job of showing off its potential right away.

I don't think Disgaea 1 Complete needs E3 to sell fans on it screenshot