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I finally figured out why Final Fantasy VII's music is so good

November 15, 2017 1 min read

Final Fantasy VII is twenty years old, and I still love it dearly. I remember poring over the game's early hours in my parent's basement, entranced by Midgar's neon lights and cyberpunk stylings. One of the most embarrassing moments in my young life involved my dad walking in on me, red-eyed and crying, after Aeris' now-infamous death and laughing before he walked back upstairs. In third grade, I lifted parts of FFVII's train graveyard sequence and used it for a school assignment. I'm not proud of that last point -- plagiarism is lame and all -- but you bet your butt my teacher was blown away.

Despite all of those memories, it's Final Fantasy VII's music that sticks with me the most. The game's soundtrack is a sonic triumph; a collection as varied as it is dynamic. What other game can go from orchestral chanting to mellow, beachy bossa nova tunes with such grace?

But I think there's a deeper reason that Final Fantasy VII's music is so memorable. It's not just that its soundtrack is the game's emotional pulse or the connective tissue between story beats. It's never that simple. After years of suspicion and a few hours of research, I've cracked the code between Final Fantasy VII's score. 

I finally figured out why Final Fantasy VII's music is so good screenshot