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I would play this Zelda cube concept in a second

January 23, 2018 1 min read

I don't think Twitter user @ktwfc thought that their "Zelda Cube" art concept would get as much play as it did, but they basically spent the rest of the afternoon thanking people for checking it out. It's that good!

A lot of retro concept art comes across my desk, and most of it is excellent, but the idea of the "Zelda Cube" is multi-faceted. I love how Link enters the dungeon in one zone, traverses it in another, and then treks across the title screen to lay a bomb down against a hidden wall. There's a lot of perspective-based games out there like Fez and Monument Valley(and even a bit of camera trickery for some of the 2D bits in Super Mario Odyssey), so something like this could feasibly work.

Either way, even if Nintendo doesn't ever use this concept, I've watched this loop like 100 times.

ktwfc [Twitter]

I would play this Zelda cube concept in a second screenshot