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Iconoclasts on Switch left me with One Concern

August 02, 2018 1 min read

Iconoclasts on Switch is every bit as delightful as its previous releases. Nothing has been lost in translation, and the gameplay is as tight as ever. Outside of a few notable additions, two difficulty settings and a boss rush mode, this is the exact same experience.

Destructoid gave Iconoclasts a raging 9.5/10 review when it first launched. It’s a very well-made game. After a prolonged development cycle, however, it had the misfortune of finally launching two days before one of the most revered indie games in recent memory: Celeste, and it was overlooked by many at the time, including myself, as a result. 

While the gameplay may suffer from a few stubborn design choices, like extreme difficulty spikes during later boss fights and enough backtracking to briefly diminish its own momentum, the highs vastly outweigh the lows.

Iconoclasts on Switch left me with One Concern screenshot