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I'm still waiting for a truly scary video game

October 31, 2017 1 min read

[Spieler Dad has been roaming the halls of Destructoid for years dishing out wisdom and writing sweet blogs. What a dick! He's let it go to his head. Read in disbelief as he claims to have no fear whatsoever from playing things I wouldn't sentence a war criminal to play as a punishment for his misdeeds. Then, make him pay in the comments below by suggesting something that will truly terrify him. Your mission, dear Dtoid Community, is to get Spieler Dad in trouble with Spieler Wife when she sees what he's done to his pants and their couch. Happy Halloween! - Wes]

This time of year, posts about ghosts, the supernatural, and even scary video games are a dime a dozen. Even around the office there have been lively discussions about ghosts and the supernatural. I don't contribute much to these discussions because I'm a bit of a skeptic.

That doesn't mean that I don't like a good ghost story or haven't experienced things that are inexplicable. Matter of fact, there are two instances which I experienced something sufficiently creepy.

I'm still waiting for a truly scary video game screenshot