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Import Review: Super Robot Wars V

April 26, 2018 1 min read

Picture this: an enormous purple and green giant stares down a black titan, its pilot intent on putting a stop to the rampage in the middle of a city. With a bestial cry, the out-of-control machine leaps at the defender, pinning it down as it ferociously tears into it, oil spraying in all directions. However, it is not enough to defeat the guardian, who is left with a sliver of health. Flying towards his assailant, the pilot calls upon the power of the almighty Zeus to defeat his foe. Proudly proclaiming the power it now has, the machine changes, becoming a divine golden fist. With everything it has, and a triumphant cry of "Big Bang Punch!", Mazinger Z slams into the Evangelion, quickly raising it into the atmosphere with a giant explosion, ending its rampage once and for all.

Welcome to Super Robot Wars V, where that's only a taste of the crossover fun within.

Import Review: Super Robot Wars V screenshot