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Influence the next design of Destructoid.com, win $1,000

March 24, 2018 2 min read

Redesign time! Later this year we're giving Destructoid a fresh coat of paint. You know the drill, we do this every few years as web and mobile technologies change so quickly.  UX and UI improvements aside, we're also doing a little back-end work to speed things along.

Its important to us that we get a ton of community feedback about what you like and don't like about our current site even before we get started, and that's where you come in. Let's kick this off right: Drop your comments below and show us the way. 

Of course, a comments thread is probably not the best way to get this done long-term, so we set up a dedicated project site where you can post ideas, sketches, and inspire the next Destructoid.  The most valuable person who helps our new site to life, as voted by our corporate overlords sponsoring this contest, will win $1,000.

What we're looking for: Inspiration.

We're not looking for a final design per se, though code examples and sketches are certainly welcome.  We're primarily looking for aesthetic feedback, so maybe a first start is to take a look at popular gaming themes around the web and tell us what elements you like the most.

We'd also like to hear things like "I would use the site more often if we changed X" or "these colors/fonts would look better" or "I would like to be able to do X on my phone" or "doing X right now on the site is difficult" or "I prefer the design of these web sites", stuff like that.  Help point out where the site isn't its best yet and what we should do to fix that. Your most popular ideas will be sent to the talented team at LeverageIT to execute the final design, and Enthusiast Gaming bossman Menashe will award the cash prize to his favorite participant.  

How to get involved:  Join our project site and start posting away!  If you prefer to share your ideas privately, send them on down to community@destructoid.com with the subject line "New Destructoid Inspiration".  Good luck!

Influence the next design of Destructoid.com, win $1,000 screenshot