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Is an Arcade Edition enough to 'save' Street Fighter V?

October 05, 2017 1 min read

Well it's here. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is confirmed, and no longer a series of rumors that all point to the same thing -- Capcom attempting to apologize or "save" the original incarnation of Street Fighter V.

Despite a lot of love in the pro scene (it's one of the most successful competitive fighters to date), the rest of the world didn't really take to the whole confusing (but fine) DLC model and a lack of an arcade mode, among other fighting game staples. Sales were simply low all-around, and many said all of the subsequent updates and roster additions were too little, too late.

But I want to really know how true that declaration is, at least in terms of our readership. How do you feel about Street Fighter V today? Are you still enjoying your time with it? Will the Arcade version re-invigorate your playtime? Or are you done for good? As someone who's in the former group I know I'm in the minority.

Is an Arcade Edition enough to 'save' Street Fighter V? screenshot